Are we going backwards?

Maybe I have been brainwashed.

I am the daughter of a determined, independent woman and my education was shaped by strong women.

My senior school was founded in 1705 and is one of the oldest girls schools in the country. The founder wanted girls to have a ‘proper’ education.

I went to Bedford College, which was part of London University. It was founded by Elisabeth Jesser Reid and was the first college in Great Britain for the higher education of women. One of the first students was Mary Anne Evans, who had to use the male nom-de-plume George Eliot.

I live in Morpeth and go to the church where Emily Wilding Davison is buried. Coincidentally she studied English at Royal Holloway College, now merged with Bedford College.

So why is it I am still amazed that Vuelio’s list of the UK’s top PR Blogs is all men? Have they followed Mary Anne Evans example? Are they all better than women? It’s possible, but surely not likely.

Well done, then, Sarah Stimpson, for taking up the challenge of producing a list of women bloggers. I was surprised to be on the list, but I’m happy just to be listed among such talented people.

I understand the criteria was not be based on gender, but the results appear to show that.  The message is that women need to submit their blogs to Vuelio.  So will we?

I do not want to be a member of women’s clubs or networks. I want to join ones where gender does not matter. One key exception is that I have joined a typical ‘gentlemen’s’ club in Newcastle –  after they had agreed to accept women members. I partly did it for my mother. As the eldest child of a member she should have become a member too, but because she was female membership went to her younger brother instead.

So thank you to Sarah Stimson, Sarah Pinch and Sarah Hall who are all pushing forward the gender equality cause. I am only sorry they have to spend time doing this.

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