Still stirring the alphabet soup of PR and marketing, this is a crucial combination.

It is devastatingly simple and can have dramatic results for your professional career, or indeed life in general.

You don’t know what you don’t know …

That’s it.

It’s about keeping an open mind, being curious, not taking things for granted – and being alert to the changes taking place.

In PR and marketing this can mean changes in technology – who remembers a fax, never mind a typewriter? It can and should mean new ways of working and workflows, new ways of turning the ever-increasing access to data into valuable information and insights.

However we should always remember that technology is there to help us. PR is all about people – what they think, what they say and what they do.

Nor does it mean that new is always better. I believe we must still evaluate the changes and be selective about we choose to adopt. We can’t do everything! One of the buzz words in marketing in 2015 was ‘agile’. Agile marketing was going to make organisations fitter, leaner …. but to me it sounded more like everyone’s new year resolutions.

This year mine is going to be YDKWYDK.

I will continue to complete my own CPD and encourage colleagues and students to do theirs. If you haven’t signed up yet, here is the link for CIPR http://www.cipr.co.uk/content/cpd/what-cpd and for CIM http://www.cim.co.uk/community/cpd-and-chartered-status/understanding-cpd/the-cpd-process/

I will keep challenging my students to explore the latest thinking and not to rely on the traditional ways, reminding them that once they have their qualification that is only the start of a career of learning
And if you are or want to be one of my clients, be prepared for me to challenge you. After all, YDKWYDK.

With thanks to Alastair Waite who introduced my to this wonderful acronym.

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