Working with me

I take a strategic approach, analysing your organisation, your audiences and
your ambitions and objectives from inside out.

Any communications strategy should be founded on your answers to three
simple questions:

  • What do you want to say?
  • To whom do you want to say it?
  • What do you want them to think or do as a result?

Your answers to these questions form the basis for the strategy.

Your answers will help us together to achieve your objectives, protect and
build your reputation.

It’s all about you and your objectives.

One Key thing about me: my favourite word is Why?

More about why I’m different

I have over 25 years UK and international experience in developing a wide range of communications strategies, delivering effective and creative business solutions.

I work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide a comprehensive range of services:

  • Strategy
  • Audits
  • Media relations
  • Stakeholder and community relations
  • Media training
  • Internal communications
  • Sponsorship
  • Social media
  • Crisis management



An open letter to Sarah Hall

Congratulations on winning the elections for CIPR President-Elect last week Sarah.

The election has raised some fundamental issues, which are troubling me. Now is a good time to consider the role of CIPR and its relationship with the members.

The turnout READ MORE >